Using Blogs as a Source of Information


Today in English we talked about the merits of different types of media found on the internet and how each of those can be useful for information.  I was thankful that for once SOMEONE in the English profession understands that just because information is from or some other equivalant does not make it right for a particular student’s paper.  I always hated it when teachers would talk about how bad blogs and Wikipedia and any other site that was created by a “non expert”.  What does qualify someone to be an expert on that topic?????? A PhD in that particular study? Thorough experience in that field that is recognized by news broadcasters and universities?  I think anyone who has thoroughly studied that topic in whatever context (field experience or scholarly study) can be considered an expert on that subject.  I personally believe I know quite a bit about the culture of Juneau, Alaska and the area that surrounds the city.  I wouldn’t consider myself an expert but I definitely know my stuff.  The kind of stuff I know, however, isn’t the kind of stuff you can find on a news website or on a university web page.  I researched this a little bit this afternoon to make sure I was correct about what I’m getting ready to say but I can now confidently say that there are no(or very, very few) articles on why the suicide and crime rate in this particular area is so high.  But from being there I know it’s not because of the weather but because of the particular economy in the area.  In the summer, workers are mainly involved in the shrimping and fishing business and so the parents are almost NEVER around for their kids while their home.  But then in the winter, all of these people who work in the industry become unemployed and they have nothing to do so they become depressed and drink in front of their children.  I can confidently say that I know this because many children described their home situation this way.  Try finding that in a news article.


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I am a sophomore student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and my major is Physical Education Teacher Education/Biology Education. I love playing sports and hanging out with people. Meeting new people is probably my all time favorite activity though. :)

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