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Social Networking Used to Start Revolutions


In Egypt there has been a revolution going on to overthrow the current dictatorship government that has been in place there.  Within this revolution, there have been a series of revolts started by the Egyptian common people that have helped them reach their ultimate goal of independence from their dictator.  Some of these revolts have been started and made big by a recent phenomenon known as social networking.  One particular  instance of social networking being used in the process of a revolution involved a post on Facebook that gained country wide acceptance.  Wael Ghonim, Google marketing manager for the Middle East, was the master mind behind this particular post.  The post contained the phrase, “We Are All Khaled Said.” which is glorifying an Egyptian businessman who was beaten to death for exposing corruption in the government.  The phrase is basically saying that everyone can identify with this man because they are being constantly suppressed by their government.  The page on the popular networking site, Facebook, has been said to spark the fire for the revolts in Egypt.  The page encouraged the Egyptian people to revolt and protest on January 25th and was a call to action for all the people who wanted a change in the government.  On this particular day which is now known as the “Day of Wrath” thousands poured into the street to protest against the mistreatment by the dictatorship government.  It has been said that the reason for this huge turn out was the publication of the revolt on Facebook.  Many people saw it there and collected the energy of revolution from it and decided that they too should take action.  Social networking has had a major hand in the major revolts in Egypt and other places in the middle east.  It helps the word get spread and the people get excited about working together for a common cause.


Thoughts with the Family….


I just spent the weekend at home with my family and I’m not going to lie even thought I didn’t go party or hang out with my friends, I loved absolutely every minute of the weekend.  I took my sister (she’s 14 and a freshie 🙂 ) to our high school’s football game Friday night and then I took them out to Steak N’ Shake afterwards.  On Saturday, I took them all to go Homecoming dress shopping for their first Homecoming!!! SOOO exciting 🙂  Then we had a cookout with my parents and my closest relatives that I live in the area.  It made for an absolutely perfect evening!  Sunday, I had to play catch up with homework but I hung out with my daddy the whole time I did it which was MUCH needed.  🙂  It’s funny to me how much I missed my family once I physically left home.  When I was in high school I was NEVER home.  I worked two jobs, played sports, was in tons of clubs, and had a great social life and tons of friends; needless to say I was BUSY!  I saw my family only like one or twice a week and even then it wasn’t that long.  But now that I have moved away (it was MUCH worse at Cedarville because I was 6 hours away), I realized that even though I was never home it was nice to have a home to come back to.  A dorm room or an apartment with your friends just isn’t the same.  The worst was spending the summer in Alaska because I couldn’t even talk to my family more than once every other week and sometimes not even then!  I didn’t see them for three months and I missed them for every minute of it.  Seeing them this weekend, reminded me of why I transferred schools which was to ultimately be closesr to them.  6 hours is just too much.  Needless to say, I guess I’m just a homebody but I love it! 🙂

Recreated Meme


The meme that I chose to study and recreate was Rebecca Black’s “Friday”.  From the source of the meme I borrowed the fact that people love Fridays and they get very excited when they are thinking about Friday. After extensive study of the original meme, I decided that the main theme of the meme is that whenever anyone says “It’s Friday!” anymore, someone nearby will either break out in the infamous Rebecca Black song or they will at least be thinking it in thier head.  Going along with this notion, I then figured that when anyone sees a picture of the artist Rebecca Black, they immediately think of the song.  The song then associates the person to thinking about Friday and how much they love Fridays because it leads into the weekend.   Because of these premises, I decided to create a meme which includes Rebecca Black’s face and the caption “Got Friday on the Brain?”  The message shows the connection between seeing a picture of Rebecca Black and thinking of Friday.

I think that if an outside person were to analyze my created meme, they would understand the connection I am trying to make.  I also feel like they would realize when they hear “It’s Friday!” or see Rebecca Black’s face they do make the connection with the song.   My meme changes the original meme slightly by playing less on making fun of the song and video and more by idolizing what the song makes a person think of.  I think the real issue with the song is not how terrible it is and how dumb the lyrics are but instead how it makes us feel about the freedom of Friday and preparing for the weekend.  I think most people would definitely agree with me that Friday tends to be the most exciting day of the week and this song does a great job of idolizing this great day.

This is my recreated meme:

Meme Paper


I decided to my meme project on the popular song/YouTube video “Friday” by Rebecca Black.  I chose to do this particular meme because I remember how big it was when it came out and how it is still prominent in today’s culture.  My paper focuses mainly on the need for a song about the phenomenon of Friday and how this song is fitting to everyone’s needs.  Regardless of how bad the song is (music, lyrics, and video) it still shows what everyone thinks about when they hear “Friday.”  My paper also talked about this particular meme brought together a culture of people as they shared their hatred for this particular song and video.  I hope you enjoy reading and you learn something from it!

Meme Project

End of Summer Blues/Joys :)


So after it got super cool yesterday I realized that the end of summer was drawing to a close. 😦 :)I got to say I’m sad about seeing it end but also happy that its over.  Speaking solely of weather the last couple of weeks have been HELL for me because it was so hot!!  After spending a whole summer in Alaska where the temperature never really got above 75 degrees, 90/95 degree weather was KILLING me!  I had an overwhelming need to sleep all the need because I was so exhausted and I passed out twice from being dehydrated and heat exhausted.  But at the same time I’m sad to see that all end because I love the carelessness of summer.  I love being able to just chill and hang out and not have a care in the world about tomorrow. Labor Day signifies the moment where your brain needs to switch from the carefree la-la of summer to the focused, driven mind set for the semester.  I had that shocking realization Sunday while I was studying at my Grandpa’s and I know that from on out I need to be more focused on my purpose here.  So much has already happened in this school year and I’m interested in seeing where it all goes.