Thoughts with the Family….


I just spent the weekend at home with my family and I’m not going to lie even thought I didn’t go party or hang out with my friends, I loved absolutely every minute of the weekend.  I took my sister (she’s 14 and a freshie 🙂 ) to our high school’s football game Friday night and then I took them out to Steak N’ Shake afterwards.  On Saturday, I took them all to go Homecoming dress shopping for their first Homecoming!!! SOOO exciting 🙂  Then we had a cookout with my parents and my closest relatives that I live in the area.  It made for an absolutely perfect evening!  Sunday, I had to play catch up with homework but I hung out with my daddy the whole time I did it which was MUCH needed.  🙂  It’s funny to me how much I missed my family once I physically left home.  When I was in high school I was NEVER home.  I worked two jobs, played sports, was in tons of clubs, and had a great social life and tons of friends; needless to say I was BUSY!  I saw my family only like one or twice a week and even then it wasn’t that long.  But now that I have moved away (it was MUCH worse at Cedarville because I was 6 hours away), I realized that even though I was never home it was nice to have a home to come back to.  A dorm room or an apartment with your friends just isn’t the same.  The worst was spending the summer in Alaska because I couldn’t even talk to my family more than once every other week and sometimes not even then!  I didn’t see them for three months and I missed them for every minute of it.  Seeing them this weekend, reminded me of why I transferred schools which was to ultimately be closesr to them.  6 hours is just too much.  Needless to say, I guess I’m just a homebody but I love it! 🙂

About kimberlybrown22

I am a sophomore student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and my major is Physical Education Teacher Education/Biology Education. I love playing sports and hanging out with people. Meeting new people is probably my all time favorite activity though. :)

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