Social Networking Used to Start Revolutions


In Egypt there has been a revolution going on to overthrow the current dictatorship government that has been in place there.  Within this revolution, there have been a series of revolts started by the Egyptian common people that have helped them reach their ultimate goal of independence from their dictator.  Some of these revolts have been started and made big by a recent phenomenon known as social networking.  One particular  instance of social networking being used in the process of a revolution involved a post on Facebook that gained country wide acceptance.  Wael Ghonim, Google marketing manager for the Middle East, was the master mind behind this particular post.  The post contained the phrase, “We Are All Khaled Said.” which is glorifying an Egyptian businessman who was beaten to death for exposing corruption in the government.  The phrase is basically saying that everyone can identify with this man because they are being constantly suppressed by their government.  The page on the popular networking site, Facebook, has been said to spark the fire for the revolts in Egypt.  The page encouraged the Egyptian people to revolt and protest on January 25th and was a call to action for all the people who wanted a change in the government.  On this particular day which is now known as the “Day of Wrath” thousands poured into the street to protest against the mistreatment by the dictatorship government.  It has been said that the reason for this huge turn out was the publication of the revolt on Facebook.  Many people saw it there and collected the energy of revolution from it and decided that they too should take action.  Social networking has had a major hand in the major revolts in Egypt and other places in the middle east.  It helps the word get spread and the people get excited about working together for a common cause.


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I am a sophomore student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and my major is Physical Education Teacher Education/Biology Education. I love playing sports and hanging out with people. Meeting new people is probably my all time favorite activity though. :)

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