Final Project and Presentation


So I have had my final project idea for quite awhile now and I also wrote about it in my paper for class.  As you have probably have heard in class, I am doing my project on the No Child Left Behind Policy.  It may sound boring to you but to me it is probably the topic I am most passionate about doing.  As an education major, I will most likely be teaching under this particular education policy unless Obama changes it soon.  Even more than just being an education major, I am a physical education major and this area has been taking major cuts since the policy’s implementation.  From going through the education system under this I see how frustrating it is from the student’s point of view also.  I did a speech on it and wrote my first paper on it so I am well researched already and my ideas are well developed.  I plan on filming and editing a documentary on this particular subject and it will include both interviews from various sources and also slides included with my ideas and facts about the particular policy.  I am and I am not looking for people to help.  Personally, I work better by myself normally because I’m such a determined leader but I do realize that this particular project is going to require a ton of work.  I’m not very experienced with video editing software and I am going to have an interesting time trying to figure out how to edit the documentary.  If someone in my class is very good with this type of software and would love to help I would be forever grateful.  However, I do understand that my project may not that interesting to everyone so I don’t expect a lot of people to absolutely want to do it.

About kimberlybrown22

I am a sophomore student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and my major is Physical Education Teacher Education/Biology Education. I love playing sports and hanging out with people. Meeting new people is probably my all time favorite activity though. :)

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